Our Vision:

The preservation and promotion of the historical and cultural legacy of Lithuanians in Canada.

Our Mission:

To build a comprehensive resource for those of Lithuanian heritage in Canada, for the Canadian community at large, and for all those with an interest in Lithuanian culture.

Strategic Goals 2018-2020:

  1. Fiscal Sustainability & Governance
  • Evaluate the organizational structure & governing body
  • Develop a plan for financial sustainability
  • Implement financial management & reporting mechanisms
  1. Material Collection, Preservation & Access
  • Review and re-evaluate the current inventory of holdings
  • Process all outstanding inventory accumulated in previous years
  • Implement on-going digitization project
  1. Marketing & Promotion
  • Enrich the content on the LMAC website
  • Create high quality, mobile exhibitions, focusing on our landmark History of Lithuanian Canadians exhibition
  • Develop portable marketing material
  1. Community Engagement
  • Outreach to specific audience targets – LT schools, LT communities in Canada/US LT, non-LT communities
  • Develop support circles across Lithuanian Canadian Community units and individual LT organizations
  • Foster relationships with similar organizations: Baltic Canadian Imprints, Multicultural Historical Society of Ontario, Balzekas Museum, LRSC (Chicago), Central Archives of Lithuania

September, 2017

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