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Digging for Roots

How Inspiring!

Photo books are cool! The old saw is that nothing that is worthwhile in life is easy… everything requires an effort. Sadly, this is also true of what we leave behind. In the area of family legacies (this word sounds so much better than “stuff we leave behind”), we can all agree that a tidy book of photos with appropriate notes is much nicer to inherit that a bursting box of disintegrating albums and stacks of sticky photos (for example, ...
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To keep or not to keep?

What to do with those old letters and diaries! Short answer: burn them! A few weeks ago, an interesting question arose in a discussion about family documents. Some of us are “of a certain age“, as the French say, and that means we were actually taught penmanship in our youth and are adept at writing longhand. Many of us are nobly trying to keep up with technology and think that tapping reminders into our cell phones is quite a feat ...
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Ancient Stories

 Far-fetched? Of course. But old perspectives may hold some wisdom… An interesting article came over my horizon recently regarding family trees and ancestors. It was written in Lithuanian by Algirdas Urbanavičius, who has evidently delved into this field. He writes that not very long ago, people were more in tune with their origins than we are today. According to the author, people were familiar with their ancestry up to seven generations back, because it was important to know what you ...
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New Year, New Plans

Thank you to Peg for sharing her experience and giving us concrete information about directions we can take to start a family tree or story. Inspiring ideas and concrete decisions to be made. Sharing like this is an excellent way to motivate and to teach others! It’s true that the DNA aspect of genealogy can be limited in some ways. As children of immigrants, we may know the names of and have even met our relatives, as I have, and ...
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Genealogy as a Story

Nice to meet you! I am Peg, the web developer for Like you I have a passion for genealogy, starting about three years ago. I am not Lithuanian but, just like you, my family immigrated to Canada. I want to know where my family came from and why. Margaret Jackson and her father James about 1916 My interest started with two old silver teaspoons: one marked “London”, one marked “St. Nazaire”. They were a gift from my great aunt ...
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Come forth!

Readers and relatives – come forth!  The time has come to confess. Writing a blog is much more difficult than one might think. It can also be quite boring if no one provides feedback. Throwing your thoughts out into the ether is easy enough, but realizing that they linger there, lonely and cold, can be a deterrent to sending any further envoys. I can see both sides of the equation and provide a multitude of excuses for both readers ...
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Mousing Around for Details

Bring out the pipe, the hat with earflaps, and be a Sherlock! At some point, the photos and documents your have in your family records and memorabilia box may not be enough. You know where your parents lived, that is – wherever you grew up. Chicago, Montreal, Toronto, Boston… You have pictures of some relatives, sufficient information for a good start on a Family Tree. The wheels have begun turning in your head and you realize that you want to ...
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Links you may be interested in

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Where to begin?

Not sure how to begin your genealogical research? The Library and Archives Canada has a good finding aid to help you get started. You can find it here:

Library and Archives Canada - Genealogical Studies's list of Lithuanian-specific Genealogical Resources

Online Lithuanian Genealogical Resources

Other Lithuanian Genealogy Sources


First Photo in Canada

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