Sharing Our Stories

Presentation of a collection of oral history interviews completed by members of the Baltic German, Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian communities. This exhibition draws out common threads of the lived experience of members of these communities who grew up in the Baltics, were forced to flee their homeland at the beginning of World War II, lived through the refugee experience, emigrated, and ultimately established new lives and identities in Canada.

This project was completed by the Baltic Canadian Imprints group, a collaborative of four organizations: the Canadian Baltic Immigrant Aid Society, Latvian National Federation in Canada – Canadian Latvian Archive and Museum, Lithuanian Museum-Archives of Canada and VEMU/Estonian Study Centre.

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Interview Excerpts Part 1

Algimantas Banelis, Birutė Čepaitienė, Leonardas Garbaliauskas, Marija Gudelienė, Elena Gudinskienė, Marija Kalvaitienė, Alina Kšivickienė


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Interview Excerpts Part 2

Romuladas Otto, Agota Ratavičienė, Danutė Rautins, Marija Tamulaitienė, Vladas Vytas, Liūda Stungevičienė, Alina Žilvytienė

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