Political Cartoons


The selected cartoons address issues of paying lip service to peace and speaking from both sides of the mouth, US foreign policy discord, camouflaging the true intent of words used in the political sphere.

From Abe to Joe
Cartoon-From Abe to Joe
Trojan Horse
Cartoon of a Trojan Horse
Preacher's Offspring
Cartoon-The Preacher's Offspring
Music to His Ears
Cartoon-US Foreign policy discord - music to his ears
Does the Hammer Know What the Sickle is Doing?
Cartoon - Does the hammer know what the sickle is doing
Comrade Jekyll and Comrade Hyde
Cartoon - Comrade Jekyll and Comrade Hyde
Talking out of Both Sides of his Mouth
Cartoon - Talking out of both sides of his mouth
Complete with Smoke Screen
Catoon - Complete with smoke screen
That Camouflage Isn't Fooling Anyone, Joe
Cartoon - Camouflage
His Spirit Goes Marching On
Spirit Goes Marching On political cartoon
Picking a Leader
Cartoon - Picking a Leader
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Member for Woodward
Cartoon-The Member for Woodward
Cartoon-Boot on Lithuania
Planner's Progress
Cartoon-Planner's Progress
Blocking the View
Cartoon-Blocking the View
Jingo Bells Jingo Bells
The Book Worm
Cartoon-The Book Worm
Taking the Asiatic Detour
Cartoon-Taking the Asiatic Detour
Back Seat Driver
Cartoon-Back Seat Driver
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Russian Expansionism

These selected cartoons include comments on the Yalta Treaty with British Prime Minister Winston Churchill in attendance, the Soviet boot stamping out the country of Lithuania, a policy of Russia First, lessons of history, forages regarding Korea and the "Asia detour".

Peace Proposals

This cartoon selection addresses the build-up of atomic/nuclear arms, peace petitions, encouragement of silence and inaction, and, the issue of establishing a European army.

Thin Ice Follies
Cartoon-Thin Ice Follies
Short History of Peace Petitions
And Never the Twain Shall Meet
Cartoon-Never the Twain Shall Meet
The World Situation in a Nutshell
Cartoon-The World Situation ina Nutshell
Angel of Peace - At a Price
And the Rest is Silence
Cartoon Strip
Need It be Like This?
Cartoon Strip
A Foreign View of Eisenhower's Task
Cartoon-Foreign View of Eisenhower
In Step
Cartoon-In Step
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