Šablauskas, Liūtas

Born in Lithuania
January 16, 1941 (+ September 24, 2017)

  • 1954, art courses with, Ian McDermit, Yargo Delucca and J. Greminger, Montreal
  • Late 1950‘s, developed interest in black and white nature photography
  • Late 1990‘s, studied Japanese Sumi-e (black ink on rice paper),watercolour and calligraphy under Professor Takahashi, Montreal
  • Studied watercolour and design, Vieux Moulin, LaSalle, Montreal
  • 1998 - 2002, attended courses, Montreal Visual Art Centre
  • 2001, studied wood sculpture specializing in carving masks, under Michel Foucault, Montreal
  • Exhibited regularly at art festivals and craft fairs
  • 1999, displayed Sumi-e art and demonstrated painting techniques, “Japanese Week”, sponsored by Japanese Trade Commission, Montreal
Šablauskas, Liūtas portrait

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