Donations of Archival Material, Museum Artifacts, and Lithuanian Publications

LMAC accepts donations of personal and organizational archival materials, Lithuanian publications and culturally and historically significant Lithuanian artifacts according to our acquisition guidelines.  We will accept donations and archival material on the basis of historical significance, research, education and exhibition value, condition and duplication within the collection.  LMAC began collecting material in 1989, has limited space and resources and, unfortunately, is not in a position to accept every item offered. If you have material which you think may be suitable for inclusion in the LMAC collections, please contact us before sending or bringing any materials to LMAC or Anapilis.  Once your material is reviewed and accepted, we will ask for your help in organizing the material and recording relevant information  You will also need to fill in and sign a Gift Agreement, transferring ownership of the material to LMAC.  LMAC cares for the material in perpetuity ensuring that the history of the Lithuanian Canadian community is preserved for generations. What we collect:
  • Personal documents, photographs, artifacts from Lithuania, during the refugee and/or relevant immigration time period (starting in the 1900’s) and during their life in Canada
  • Organizational documents, photographs, artifacts, films, videos, audio tapes, event documents, commemorative yearbooks
  • Fine art, textiles, antique national costumes
  • Memorabilia, flags, maps, uniforms, medals, coins
  • Music – rare recordings prior to 1950, anything by Lithuanian Canadians
  • Souvenirs of community events, posters, signs
  • Rare books, journals, newspapers,  – anything published in Lithuanian or about Lithuania prior to 1950, worldwide
  • All books or periodicals pertaining to Lithuanian Canadians
  • 1988-1991 political events in Lithuania – Lithuanian and Canadian material
What we are looking for:
  • Lights of Homeland, early issues 1950 - 1970
  • Any material relating to Lithuanians in Canada prior to 1945
What we have too much of:
  • Lithuanian Encyclopedia


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