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Digging for Roots

But seriously…

A new year – and with it, fresh resolve to get organized!… Your papers and photos are collected (hopefully in some kind of order that is clear to you), and you are ready to take your next step. What will it be? This depends on several factors. You need to ask yourself, and perhaps your family, a few questions. First of all, what is your goal? This is actually the key question for the entire exercise, which will require ...
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Listen to your parents – and record their stories!
It’s amazing what you may find once you start digging! Put it all together, then start sorting… You can do it! Earlier this year, I pounced on an online discount on DNA analysis for ethnic origin by Ancestry – one of the most widely known companies who do ancestry searches. I received a kit in the mail, spit a few times in a little bottle, sealed it and sent it ...
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How to organize your pictures and avoid photo panic As we all know, any project must be undertaken in a series of steps, optimally in accordance with some kind of timeline. If, like me, you “work best” when up against a deadline, you may have to engage the services of a friend, relative or frenemy to make you promise to sort your photos by a certain date, visit or season. The best advice is to dedicate an hour a day ...
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Lesson One – Put Everything in One Box It bulges now, from its dense stuffing of folders and clippings and tattered envelopes of photos. I haul it from one corner of the house to another, fully intending to organize it. Now the box lurks in my office again, holding two worlds of information and an Everest of potential effort. First you take a box… After Dad died, I found various documents from his past and Mom’s, neatly organized, as he ...
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Where to begin?

Not sure how to begin your genealogical research? The Library and Archives Canada has a good finding aid to help you get started. You can find it here: Library and Archives Canada - Genealogical Studies

First Photo in Canada

Do you have a photo of the first member of your family who came to Canada?  Submit your photo here and we will post it in our gallery.

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