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Welcome to the LMAC website. We are Canada‘s only museum-archive dedicated to preserving the history and legacy of Lithuanian Canadians.

OUR PEOPLE introduces you to the history and culture of the country of our heritage, Lithuania, and then focuses on our immigration story, which had a modest beginning in the 19th century, reached a zenith in the 20th and continues unfold today.

LMAC’s mission is to preserve the imprint of Lithuanians in Canada. Other sections of the site reveal various aspects of this memory institution and its digital and traditional offerings.

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Sharing Our Stories – Next Stop - As our exhibition closes this Sunday, the next opportunity to view it will be in Ottawa at the Lithuanian Canadian Days event, July 29th, 2017.  For more details please go to: www.mlka.ca.
THE BOX - THE BOX Lesson One – Put Everything in One Box It bulges now, from its dense stuffing of folders and clippings and tattered envelopes of photos. I haul it from one corner of the house (...)
Exhibition Update - After a successful showing at VEMU/Estonian Studies Centre in March, "Sharing Our Stories" was on display at the Latvian Cultural Centre in April.  It will be displayed to the Baltic German group mid-May and will (...)
Sharing Our Stories Exhibition - We are just putting the final touches on the exhibition for the Baltic Canadian Imprints project, “Sharing Our Stories”, funded by the Canadian government. A total of fourteen interviews were conducted with Lithuanian community members (...)
Western Canada Exhibitors - LMAC is interested in showcasing the talents of Lithuanian Canadian artists and dedicates one exhibition each year to a visual artist of Lithuanian descent.  To date, we have had three exhibitions:  Kestutis and Rita Vilis (...)
Recent Donation - Ramona Mileris of Burlington, Ontario Donation: archival material pertaining to Kazimieras Mileris, a prominent figure in the Canadian Lithuanian community in Hamilton, Ontario – archival files, programs, photos, videotapes archival material from the estate of (...)
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On to Ottawa

Baltic Diaspora at Home in Canada

July 29th, 2017

Lithuanian Canadian Days
Ottawa, Ontario

Presentation of a collection of oral history interviews completed by members of the Baltic German, Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian communities. This exhibition draws out common threads of the lived experience of members of these communities who grew up in the Baltics, were forced to flee their homeland at the beginning of World War II, lived through the refugee experience, emigrated, and ultimately established new lives and identities in Canada.

This project was completed by the Baltic Canadian Imprints group, a collaborative of four organizations: the Canadian Baltic Immigrant Aid Society, Latvian National Federation in Canada – Canadian Latvian Archive and Museum, Lithuanian Museum-Archives of Canada and VEMU/Estonian Study Centre.

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First Photo in Canada

Do you have a photo of the first member of your family who came to Canada?  Submit your photo here and we will post it in our gallery.  
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