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Welcome to the LMAC website. We are Canada‘s only museum-archive dedicated to preserving the history and legacy of Lithuanian Canadians.

OUR PEOPLE introduces you to the history and culture of the country of our heritage, Lithuania, and then focuses on our immigration story, which had a modest beginning in the 19th century, reached a zenith in the 20th and continues unfold today.

LMAC’s mission is to preserve the imprint of Lithuanians in Canada. Other sections of the site reveal various aspects of this memory institution and its digital and traditional offerings.

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Vaisnoras Family
Juozapavicius Family

My father is the first member of our family to immigrate to Canada. He came in 1948 to fulfill his one year contract with the Canadian government by working in the gold mines in Cadillac, Quebec.
Juozapavicius Family

Trumpickas Family

Jonas Trumpickas' father, Mykolas Trumpickas arrived in Halifax July 31, 1947. He went to a logging camp outside of Thunder Bay to fulfill his one year contract.
Trumpickas Family

irena comp

Janina Vaisnoriene (back right), her daughter Irena (front right), and Balys Vaisnoras came to Canada in 1951. All of their savings from working in England were put towards buying land to build their first family home.
Vaisnoras Family

Tamulaitis Family

The Tamulaitis Family prior to departure for Canada from the DP camps in Germany, 1946. (L-R Marija Senkevičiūtė-Tamulaitienė, Vytautas Tamulaitis, Vida Tamulaitytė


My father, PRANAS MICKUS, (37 years old) arrives in Canada as an immigrant DP, and starts to work in the mines at Malartic, Quebec, April 26, 1948. His first job in Canada assigned by the Federal Government of Canada.
Mickus Family

First Photo A Satkute

My mother Aldona Šatkutė and her mother Sofia Steponaityte Šatkiene Meškauskiene both came to Canada after the Second World War. I believe my grandmother worked in West Noranda, Quebec. This photo was taken, possibly in Hamilton, when my parents married.
I. Jackson Henry


Jurgis Dvereckis (later George McIver), born Nov. 19, 1879 in Matlaukis, Suwalki region, Lithuania. In 1903, immigrated to Scotland for work in the coal mines. He reached Canada in 1912 and settled in Montreal.
Silverman Family


The first to arrive was Giedrius Vaškevičius. He meets his newly arrived family, Loreta with Austeja and Vykintas, at the Toronto International Airport 06.06.1996. Our family came to Canada for economic reasons.
Vaškevičius Family

trecia diena kanadoje 002

Three days after arriving in Canada, August 8, 1948, to work on a tobacco farm in Mount Brydges, Ontario. L-R Arūnas, Jūratė, Kastytis,parents Elena and Viktoras.
Dailydė Family


Algirdas Taraila from Jieznas, Alytus, arrived in Canada in 1947. He worked at a logging camp in Beardmore, Ont., near Thunder Bay to fulfill his 1 year contract with the Canadian government.
Dana Tarailaite-Pranaitiene


This photo has in the first row my mother Ona Babinskaite Naruseviciene and myself Angele Naruseviciute Ambrozaitis; mother is holding me and I am wearing her designed hat with two "ears". I was 17 months old when I came to Canada in May 1949. My parents left the Hanau, Germany DP camp to come to Canada as my father's brother and sister had preceded them and had become our family's guarantors.
Narusevicius-Ambrozaitis Family

SakalasP 1947-Approaching-Canada-3

First Glimpse of Canadian Shoreline
My father, Pranas Sakalas, was the first to reach Canada. This picture was taken on Sept. 13, 1947 from the deck of his ship. Since Sept. 13 was Pranas' birthday, it was fitting to receive the gift of freedom & a new life from his new homeland. My father came to Canada under a 1-year contract to a forestry employer, Gillies Bros., located at White Bass Lake, Temagami, Ontario.
Sakalas Family


First Lithuanian immigrants to Canada for the Karpus family. Elena and Petras Karpavičius met in Canada after arriving to work as labourers or servants. Photo taken in Toronto, 1929.
Karpus Family

FPH Gvildyte 0105

First home in Toronto on Sackville St. for Ruta Gvildyte. Her family arrived shortly before the photo was taken July 3, 1949.
Gvildys family

FPHoto Berzinis 1

After arriving in Toronto in 1952 from England, our parents took on tobacco farming in Vienna, Ont. After a long, hot and sweaty day in the fields, our faces scrubbed of sand and grit, this photo was captured by a visiting photographer from Manitoba.
Beržinis Family

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First Photo in Canada

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